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A little history

In 1993, just before Sister Faustina was declared Blessed, the Canadian Divine Mercy Centre was established as a distribution centre. In 1996, we moved to the Lanark Highlands to set up a permanent home for Divine Mercy in Canada. The wooded property, guest house, outdoor Stations of the Cross Trail, well-stocked spiritual library and private prayer Oratory provide the opportunity for many visitors to find peace and spiritual renewal in these troubled times.

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Our mission encompasses evangelization, support for missions and missionaries, and the practical application of the works of mercy within the community, aiming to spread the teachings of the Roman Catholic Church, provide support to those in need, and foster spiritual growth and reflection through our various activities and initiatives.


We are committed to supporting missions and missionaries, both domestically and internationally, through the provision of free materials, financial aid, and sending teachers and preachers to advance the works of mercy. We also incorporate the Roman Catholic Church's works of mercy into our activities, including feeding the hungry, providing clothing to those in need, visiting and comforting individuals in nursing homes and hospitals, instructing the uninformed through printed materials and teaching sessions, offering counselling and prayer services, and operating a retreat facility for spiritual growth and reflection.

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