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Associate Members

The harvest is plentiful.
The labourers are few.

Our merciful Lord is looking for lay associates who are willing to help in
His Vineyard of Divine Mercy, for the harvest is plentiful but the labourers are few!
If you feel you are being called to help, please answer His call.


  • A daily prayer schedule (at least 15 min. in the morning and 15 min. in the evening or night hours)

  • Pray at least one Chaplet of Divine Mercy each day

  • Pray the Great Novena of Divine Mercy each day 

  • Spiritually unite yourself with Jesus on the Cross whenever possible, but at least for a moment on Fridays

  • Unite your prayers with those at the Centre; be part of salvation history through intercessory prayers and selfless giving

  • Become an apostle of Divine Mercy (refer to the Apostleship information)

  • Proudly wear the wooden Crucifix or Cross from your installation ceremony as a sign of your commitment

Deeds of Divine Mercy

  • Strive to incorporate Corporal and Spiritual Works of Mercy into your daily life

  • Distribute Divine Mercy materials to family, friends, parishes, etc.

  • Come to the Centre for spiritual enrichment at least once a year

  • Give to the Centre, either through volunteer work or financially (i.e. the usual 10% tithe could be divided between your parish and the Centre)

  • Support the Centre through collection of Canadian Tire money, fundraising events, yard sales, etc.

Spiritual Acts of Mercy

  • Offer mortifications and fasts for the continued spreading of the Divine Mercy message in our country

  • Unite pains and sorrows with the Sacred Passion of Our Lord, giving glory to God for a share in redemptive suffering

  • Keep the needs of those who seek help from the Divine Mercy Centre in your daily prayers

  • Share with us your own prayer needs regularly by mail, telephone, or email so that you can be remembered in our daily prayers of intercession


  • Daily remembrance in community prayers of the Divine Mercy Apostolate

  • Spiritual benefits of Holy Masses offered on behalf of the Centre

  • Spiritual benefits of mortifications, fasts, abstinences offered at the Centre

  • Spiritual benefits of special Masses on St. Faustina’s Feast Day (Oct. 5), on Divine Mercy Sunday (the second Sunday of Easter) and a weekly Mass for the intentions of associate members

If you’d like more information about becoming an Associate Member,
and for the next date of installation of Associate Members,
please write, call or e-mail us.

Merciful Jesus, we believe in You and we trust in You. Come to the aid of our weakness and our incapacity. Grant that we may be able to make You known and loved by all and, confident in the immensity of Your love, we may be able to combat the evil which is in us and in all the world, for Your glory and our salvation. Amen.

Apostle of Mercy Prayer

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